Today we are proud to announce the launch of the MicroMasters initiative. This is the next evolution of our mission to improve access to quality education and to help learners improve their lives and advance their careers. Working with 14 of our partner universities around the world, we have created a new category of online Masters education to promote and provide careers in the most sought-after areas: artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, global commerce management, and Android development. Credit a way to accelerated championship. This new initiative is flexible, affordable and scalable to meet the needs of today’s global learners.

The permission of MicroMasters
Originally developed and developed by MIT as a pilot program on edX, the references of MicroMaster reduce the gap between training and work. MicroMaster courses are created by accredited EdX academic partners, which are rated by leading companies such as Walmart and GE and associated with specific career opportunities.

MicroMaster credentials are also a valuable addition to academic portfolios as they provide access to credit. MicroMasters have no admission requirements and are open to all. Once you have acquired the MicroMasters credentials, you can apply a campus program that recognizes MicroMasters credentials. If accepted, the digital credentials are counted as part of the transaction, resulting in an expedited program.

Close the gap, suggest a solution
In developing these programs, we have consulted with industry leaders to understand their challenges, both in recruiting and in developing smarter and more efficient workforces. By bringing together our respected academic partners and this employer perspective, the MicroMasters initiative aims to bridge the skills gap between universities, learners, organizations and professionals around the world.

It is an autonomous permission. Once you have obtained a MicroMasters certificate, you can immediately apply the knowledge you have acquired to start or advance your career.

In addition, MicroMasters programs offer “Reverse Recordings”, where you can prove your skills through online courses, while universities have more data for their approval decisions.

The time of MicroMaster’s programs is now
We live in a time when new technologies change our lives. Jobs and industries are changing faster than ever. This constantly creates new needs and abilities. And education must help meet those needs.

In other words, graduates want to continue their careers, but recognize that they often lack the professional skills required by the modern workplace. In the United States, nearly 15 million people want to work, but they can not find work. And about half of employers say they have vacancies but can not find qualified candidates.

MicroMaster courses provide employers with the opportunity to train and evaluate their employees and provide the learners with the knowledge they need to improve their careers. To meet this need, the University of Michigan will launch a User Experience Program (UX), a fast-growing field in our technology-driven world. The purpose of the MicroMasters program is to provide the skills needed to succeed in high-end domains, and to secure the required tasks such as UX designers, web developers, software developers, IT managers, IT specialists, consultants, and more. The first class starts on October 4th and is now open for registration.

Add a verified certificate or MicroMasters certificate to your resume or LinkedIn profile to distinguish yourself from employers and show that you have passed the rigorous academic credentials of the world’s top universities. In a survey among edX learners, we found that 43% of learners who had verified qualifications reported that edX courses had helped them make progress in their careers.

You can be sure that when you receive a MicroMasters credential, you will acquire the skills that employers need today.

A milestone for edX and its partners
MicroMaster programs are also a moment of global collaboration between countries and universities. EdX partners review the adoption of MicroMaster references from other universities. Today, the University of Queensland (UQ) and Curtin University accept the certification of MicroMaster MITx Supply Chain Management for credit creation when accepted on the campus of UQ or Curtin University.

This is an exciting development for our edX Global community, and we look forward to increased collaboration between regions, areas, disciplines, and universities.

MicroMaster references change lives
From small businesses to multi-billion dollar executives, students benefit from the supply chain management program, MITx MicroMasters. I listen to their experiences and feel humbled and enthusiastic about their commitment, commitment and opportunities, and, on a larger scale, about the future of education as a whole. Here are some of his stories:

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