Englisch: bio-pro.de/en/region/stern/magazine/…1/index.html. Addition to the fact that the company is the most important branch of study in the world, especially at university level, the acquisition of basic business skills offers you the opportunity to learn more Possibility to promote your career in various industries and industries different roles from accounting and finance to marketing and advertising companies. In addition, salary requirements for economics graduates with an average starting salary of $ 54,000 rank third among all other degrees.

In today’s digital age, many are looking for jobs in the computer and technology sectors. However, in all sectors and industries, people are always sought with strong leadership and management skills, decision-making powers and business acumen.

If you want to improve your life and drive your career forward, consider MicroMaster programs as one of the best jobs today. Learn how to build your own business, learn the entrepreneurial skills you need for your career, and understand international business practices: The edX MicroMaster programs provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of specific career-related areas.

Entrepreneurship – IIMBx
“The world is full of entrepreneurs, each with a potentially innovative business idea – they need the skills they need to be on the right track to build and grow their businesses, just like IIMBx’s MicroMasters program Sure, thousands of entrepreneurs will be buying the right arsenal to turn their ideas into new businesses. ”
– N S Raghavan, co-founder of Infosys Technologies
In this MicroMasters program, IIMBx prepares you for success by laying the foundations for starting and running your own business. You will learn to recognize, evaluate and test business opportunities by implementing your risk ideology. You’ll also learn the accounting and financial skills you need to successfully run your business and apply theories of marketing management to real-world scenarios. You will also discover effective employee management skills to ensure that after you run your business, you understand how to effectively manage your employees and empower them to grow your business.

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