What do you think when you hear the term “management”?
Do you see production halls, hospitals, hotels and airports? In fact, Operations Management (OM) is the heart of every production and service organization, regardless of size. OM is the backbone of industries such as automotive, petrochemical, apparel, aerospace, software, restaurants, specialty hospitals, construction, banking, retail, etc.

It is a systematic approach to solving the problems of the transformation process, transforming inputs into beneficial expenditures.

Every organization wants to offer its customers products and services of the highest quality with maximum efficiency. According to Philip Crosby, management thinker and businessman, “quality is free!” But have not we seen all good quality products or services?

High quality at low cost can only be achieved through effective operations management. That’s why organizations refine their own management practices for everyday operations everywhere. Operations managers play an important role in capacity planning, supply chain management, logistics, inventory management, productivity improvement methods, performance metrics, lean management, overall quality, process improvement, sourcing strategies, sustainability, etc.

Whether you work in the mining, healthcare, real estate, automation, automotive, banking, IT, marketing, rail, entrepreneurship, or other industries. In the hospitality industry, you can use the principles of business management to lower costs, the service level to improve and maximize sales.

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