Driving to work by car is not always the best job in the world, but with some new features appearing on Google Maps this week as part of the latest update, Google is trying to make your job as bearable as it is,

The Drive tab is the main goal of the update and will be renamed to Commute. In addition to changing the name, Google Maps now shows if there are delays on the normal journey from home / office. In this case, based on real-time traffic reports, you will get the best alternative route and estimates of the best departure time.

If you rely on the subway / train to get around, users from 80 regions around the world can see the live movement of a bus or train on the maps. If you live in Sydney, Google, along with Transport New South Wales, shows how busy your disk is. In a related note, users who use a mix of cars, buses, and walking routes will see accurate ETAs and other useful information for each part of their journey.

Last but not least, Google Maps now has in-app music controls for Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music. If you use Spotify on Android, you can also browse the recommended tracks / playlists or get the help from expert Mobile App Developers.

Google says these new features will be available this week for Android and iOS.

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